A wrench turner who thought he was a mechanic forgot to unplug a battery charging all night

and eventually it melted the battery and caught fire. This person has been promoted to service manager.

He is no longer allowed to be a wrench turner or touch motorcycles.




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Why are people worried about having bad service and getting ripped off at a local dealership?


If your not worried then you have no reason to read any farther.


The problem starts the minute you walk into a dealership to get your vehicle serviced.

I have worked at a lot of dealerships in my life, starting all the way back to 1980 when I started working at a Honda dealership. I have seen from the inside on what the dealerships do to and for customers.

After 32 years of repairing these vehicles I know first hand what it takes to fix any problem on any vehicle and know what it takes to fix it right the first time. I am a certified technician and have been working on Honda, Yamaha, kawasaki, Suzuki, Polaris, Artic Cat, Victory, Harley, atv's, watercraft, UTV's, side by sides and every other type of vehicle out there for over 32 years.

Having over 32 years of experience in repairing those vehicles will tell you I know what it takes to make it right and why a customer should NOT take their vehicle to a dealership for repairs. Dealerships have to follow standards set by the government and their line of products they sell. And we all know how low the government sets their standards.

A person that's afraid to go to a dealer for a repair is a smart person. To get your vehicle serviced right and inexpensively the first time, the customer needs to do a little searching for a certified tech that they can trust and has knowledge on their particular vehicle. By thinking that if I just bring it to the dealer and then assuming that they know what they're doing is your first mistake.

Dealerships spend a lot of money to be able to provide you with what you want. But unfortunately, they lack spending the money to train their employees. Dealerships hire anyone off the street that they need. If you say you have 4 years of experience at fixing motorcycles and have some wrenches they'll hire you at minimum wage and charge the customer over $95 an hour. Now somethings not right there.. Over $95 an hour the dealership makes and less than $8 goes to the mechanic that they hire to fix your vehicle. Sounds like its more about money than your safety. You probably know more about repair than most dealership mechanics.

Here we are back at the dealership problem again.. The dealership skimps on having knowledgeable mechanics by not paying them well and in turn make more money from the labor repairs.

The next problem starts when you drive away with your "fixed" vehicle. If the "unskilled" mechanic who worked on your vehicle is not certified, then he may not know enough to correctly fix your problem. There's a reason why certificates are around.. Then your vehicle breaks down again from the same issue you just paid the dealership hundreds to fix. If they were to hire certified techs, the techs who have many years of experience and knowledge about your problem, the techs would fix it right the first time and thus you not having to come back to repair the same problem again and again.. Even if the dealership does have a certified tech, usually not all are mechanics are certified, which means if they have 5 techs and one is certified and the others are not, which one is going to be fixing your vehicle? You have a 1 in 5 chance your vehicle will be fixed correctly. Is that what you want to pay for?

If I am paying over $95 an hour to get my bike fixed I want a 100% chance that it'll get fixed right the first time. I don't know about you, but I'd want my stuff fixed by a certified mechanic. I don't want to jeopardize my safety and wallet just because a dealership wants to make money from me.

If the mechanics are not certified, then that means they have not taken their job seriously and do not want to put in the time and money it takes to be knowledgeable enough to care about your safety. If they do choose to become certified, the dealership wont pay them any more than they already get, so it's not worth the mechanics time to go to school to become certified. I have spent lots of my time and money to become certified.

To sum it all up.. Only have a certified tech that you can trust work on your vehicle, if not, you may be putting your life on the line because the dealership or independant shop may have thought about their pocket instead of your safety. Would you bet your life on their mechanic?

I spent two weeks working at the motorcycle dealership on US 19. In Clearwater. What I saw made me quit after two weeks of working there. That was two weeks too long.

If you would like your vehicle fixed right by a certified mechanic that you can trust with over 32 years of experience, give us a call at the phone number at the top of this page.